UST-Legazpi’s Elementary program ensures the intellectual, physical, psychosocial, moral, and spiritual dimensions in the holistic development of the children by affording them with the skills, attitudes, and values essential to learning.

It provides the learners with meaningful experiences and opportunities to maximize their potentials necessary to increase their awareness of and responsiveness to the changes and demands of the society. It promotes patriotism and develops love to engage in honest gainful work.


• Air-conditioned classrooms
• Play areas (Playroom and Playground)
• Children’s Library with Audio-visual (AV) Area
• Science Laboratory
• Home Economics Room
• Computer Laboratory
• Aralinks Coding Education (ACE) Room
• Eating and waiting areas which


Academic and Extra-curricular
• After School Program
(Enhancement and Enrichment)
• Weekend Arts Program
• Sports Clinic

• Eucharistic Celebration and Recollection
• School and Community Outreach Programs
• Boy Scout and Girl Scout Encampments
• Family Day
• Intramurals
• Symposia, Trainings and Workshops
(First Aid, Leadership, and Writing)
• University Week
• Monthly School-based activities

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