A month after placing 8th in the August 2023 Board Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians, Kristine E. Mangampo, RPm, now eyes to become an inspiring psychologist and an advocate for more accessible mental health services for the public. The twenty-three-year-old most recent Legazpi Thomasian top notcher currently works as an Instructor of the Psychology Program of UST-Legazpi after graduating Cum Laude in 2022.

Numbness covered Kristine when the results came out for the August 2023 Board Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians. She didn’t know how to react, especially when she was told by her sister and her friends that out of the 6,133 passers, she ranked 8th.

Top 8 in the August 2023 Psychometrician Licensure Examination Kristine E. Mangampo, RPm, paid a courtesy call to Rev. Fr. Edwin A. Lao, OP, MM, DBA, Rector and President of UST-Legazpi


Rebelling against expectations

After high school, those who were close to Kristine expected that she would enroll in another program of another university. However, she swam against the current to follow what she truly wanted to get into a psychology program that would bring her closer to her dreams. Thus, she entered the world of psychology by enrolling at UST-Legazpi, where she met her enthusiastic instructors and enjoyable classmates, overcame obstacles, and created memories of college life. 

During her first year, Kristine felt out of place. She didn’t like her environment because it was way different from her high school years. With this, she avoided her classmates and turned down invitations to bond with her friends. She also felt rejected, betrayed, and inadequate in terms of social support which made her think about transferring to another school only if she could. 

“It seemed like I couldn’t easily trust the people around me and it made me more independent and quiet,” Kristine shared. 

However, she decided to go against the current of her emotions in her second year. 

“I turned things around. I became more accepting of the people around me, tried to see past our differences, and opened myself more to them,” she said. 

Eventually, she gained friends she could depend on and built invaluable friendships. She became more competent in her academics, took her courses seriously, and developed more skills with the help of her instructors and classmates. 

“I learned many things about myself that I may have never had if I went on a different path. Indeed, the experience brought me close to who I want to be,” Kristine added. 

Looking back on her college journey, Kristine was a consistent academic scholar and several times a recipient of the St. Thomas Aquinas Award for Academic Excellence. She also got the Best Thesis Award on Bicol Development and Culture.


Between work and review

“I had to do my review while working as a part-time instructor at UST-Legazpi,” Kristine answered when asked how she juggled everything as she prepared for her licensure exams. 

There were times when she couldn’t find time to study because she had to attend more to her teaching responsibilities, even crying her eyes out before the examination day because she was only able to review half of the coverage for one of the subjects. 

“I felt weak on my way to the testing center as if I expected to fail,” Kristine continued. “Thankfully, I received some encouraging messages from friends and family that made me realize that I should try my hardest regardless of what may happen. That was the best part of my journey—having friends and family who gave me unwavering support and trusted my abilities. I knew that no matter what happened, they got my back.” 


On to the next

Currently, Kristine is still exploring her career options including the desire to pursue graduate studies with the hope of heading to the future she ever wanted — to become an inspiring psychologist who advocates for more accessible mental health services for the public. 

“After all, this is for God and His people. I have committed myself to serving people in need, and I am looking forward to working with my future colleagues for a brighter and healthier future,” she shared.  


To the future Psychometricians 

“Take the review seriously but remember to take care of yourself,” Mangampo said as she shared some advice to the future Psych graduates who will soon take the board exams. One may feel guilty for not reading deeply but “that is okay” according to the top notcher. 

“After all, the licensure exam is just one part of your life. You are also a friend, a sibling, and a daughter or son who wants to spend time with your loved ones; or maybe you simply want to spend time with yourself. It may get tiring sometimes, but my future colleagues, I am sincerely rooting for you.”

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