Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Aquinas University of Legazpi continues to uphold learning excellence, nonstop discovery, freedom, leadership, and responsibility. The students continue to be the school’s most prized possession as this school is mainly founded for the student’s welfare and development. In a college setting, students have diverse talents and interests. It is also in this time that they are given the chance to spread their wings and look for their respective nests.

Because this is a crucial situation, Aquinas deals with this matter with great importance and look for ways where students with the same interests and potentials can merge. The university does not in any way plan to change the student’s individual identities but rather mold them to be better in their chosen craft. The many student organizations established in this premier university will help students to further maximize and develop their potential and leadership skills. This only shows that Aquinas is firmly committed in creating a healthy atmosphere where students can gloriously celebrate their rich individuality.


List of Accredited AQ Organizations



The official publication of Aquinas University of Legazpi Supreme Student Council (SSC).

Alvin Homer B. Sapinoso


SSC Public Relations Officer

Gideon V. Peña

Associate Editor/Layout Editor

SSC President

Helen P. Garcia

Managing Editor

SSC Vice President

Kristina D. Azaña


SSC Public Relations Officer

Rizza Lim



Moza Dunya Al-Dumaini


SSC Auditor

Frank A. Belbes


SSC Secretary

Mishelle Padullon


SSC Treasurer

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