Human Resource and Management Office

Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO) is a fast-moving field that plays a vital role in every institution. Recognizing the importance of this office, University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi ensures that an efficient and competent HR team is fully equipped to handle all facets of the department, supports the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the University pertaining to human resources, and manage to balance its priorities while keeping the employees’ needs in mind. HRMO is also responsible for recruiting new hires, manages benefits & timekeeping, and engages in training & development.

Other Functions

  1. Devise, revise and implement policies regarding recruitment, hiring, transfer, and promotion of staff. 2. Review and develop salary schemes ad benefits of employees
  2. Prepare and implement human resource development programs
  3. Manage the records of all employees
  4. Monitor the attendance and performance evaluation of all employees.
  5. Handle labor activities
  6. Takes charge of the Student Assistantship Program


  1. Provide support in formulating and implementing the University policies and procedures relating to recruitment, selection, and placement.
  2. Provide the department with administrative, logistics, and other basic support services.
  3. Provide assistance in the development and retention of qualified and efficient workforce in the university, particularly in the formulation of standards for training and staff development, administer institutional scholarship programs, develop training materials, coordinate and integrate all training activities and evaluate training and development programs for employees.
  4. Provide support in the development and implementation of policies, standards, rules, and regulations relative to the performance appraisal, merit promotion, and employee incentive benefits and awards.
  5. Provide assistance in the formulation and implementation of policies, standards, rules, and regulations pertaining to personal records maintenance, security, control and disposal; storage and extension services; library/ archival services n personnel records; and provide statistical and demographic data of employees.
  6. Provide support in the enforcement of institutional, statutory, and collective bargaining agreement provisions, relative to the administration of position classification and compensation, retirement, and separation of employees.
  7. Support those students who are committed to study and graduate while working in the university.

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