Office of Research

The Office of Research (OR) formerly part of the Office of Research, Planning, and Development under the Office of the Rector and President was separated as an independent department in May 2017. It is intended to oversee research activities and scholarly works of the students and the faculty members in the university. OR also provides a supportive environment for different educational research projects from outside the university.

Our Vision

The Office of Research envisions itself to be the hub and incubation center of the research endeavors of UST-Legazpi in advancing the frontiers of knowledge from across disciplines that are significant and applicable to the local, national, and international contexts.

Our Mission

The Office of Research commits itself to:

  • Promote the value of research culture and accountability among researchers in the university
  • Engage in multidisciplinary research;
  • Integrate instruction and extension services of the university;
  • Ensure quality researches in accordance with ethical research  principles and standards;
  • Enhance the ability of UST-Legazpi researchers to obtain and manage grants;  and
  • Strengthen linkages with local, national, and international partners.

Guiding Philosophy

Anchored on the research philosophy framed by the DOMNET Research Committee, UST Legazpi shall “involve the systematic and continuing search for truth based on reason illumined by faith and permeated with Christian values to increase human knowledge and contribute to the development of the human person in harmony with nature”. Furthermore, with seamless education the University endeavors to engage more in the search for knowledge through rigorous research through the synergy of Instruction, Research, and Extension in close partnership with other institutions and agencies both local and international to realize undertakings of the university.

The university research program emphasizes the interdependence of Instruction, Research, and Extension as an integral part of the trifocal function of a university. Through such integration, the University is towards the complete realization of being a research university responsive to global, national, and local needs and realities.


  • Promote the development of Bikol Culture;
  • Identify indigenous cultural forms and properties of the Bikol region through multi-pronged research approaches designed according to the thrusts and specialization of various units of the University.
  • To disseminate the results of research activities of the university functionaries; 
  • To implement workable strategies and relevant policies to attain the vision, mission, and thrusts of the University through the trifocal perspective and;
  • To enhance the research culture of the University by clearly articulating the University research policies, promoting internationalization, national standards, and community development.


  1. To embrace a culture of continuous improvement toward research
  2. To bridge the gap between theories learned in the instruction and praxis found in the extension activities through academic research
  3. To conduct researches based on the needs and priorities of the Bikol region, the nation, and the world.
  4. To enhance research culture in the UST-Legazpi community through well-articulated research agenda
  5. To present research outputs in reputable conferences and publish in refereed journals and;
  6. To generate external research funding.

University Research Agenda

The Office of Research sets the University Research Agenda with the following directions:

1. To conduct basic researches that will provide the basis for developing new knowledge and applied researches that will contextualize prevailing knowledge in the different academic disciplines which are relevant to UST-Legazpi transformative education defined by UST-LEGAZPI research categories:

  • Sustainable Growth with Equity and Stability;
  • Promotion of Full, Decent, and Productive Employment;
  • Enhancement of Industry Competitiveness and Services;
  • Strengthening Information and Communication Technology;
  • Tourism Development;
  • Accelerating Infrastructure Development;
  • Sustainable Management and Natural Resources;
  • Investing in Education and Training;
  • Enhancement of  Health Care;
  • Access to Shelter;
  • Protecting Vulnerable Groups;
  • Secure Balanced Regional Development;
  • Securing Peace and Development; and
  • Fighting Poverty with Good Governance.

2. To integrate research and extension program of the university through its advocacy:

  • Transformative Education;
  • Environment and Biodiversity;
  • Peace and Good Governance;
  • Sustainable Development;
  • Disaster Risk Management;
  • Bikol Culture;
  • Gender and Development;
  • Human Rights;
  • People Empowerment;
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Nationalization of Vital Industries; and
  • Consumers’ Rights.

3. To conduct research that will provide data and information for administrative policy making in quality assurance key result areas:

  • Governance and Management;
  • Quality of Teaching and Research;
  • Support for Students;
  • Relations with the Community; and
  • Management of Resources.

Office of Research Staff and Directory

Jet G. Guerrero, R.Ch., M.Sc.


Christine Grace M. Azul, MAEd

Assistant Director

Reymond B. Adra, LPT

Management Staff

Trunklines:  736-0335

local 279

E-mail Address:

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