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Administrators, SY 2019-2020

Name Designation
Office of the Rector and President Division
Rev. Fr. Ernesto M. Arceo, O.P., STL, Ph.D. Rector and President
Mary Joy B. Ajon Executive Secretary
Abelardo G. Belleza, MATL, Ph.D. Director, Office of Research
Academic Affairs Division
Susana C. Cabredo, Ed.D. Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Atty. Mary Ailyne L. Zamora Dean, College Of Law
Abelardo G. Belleza, MATL, Ph.D. Dean, Graduate School
Celeste T. Yanzon, MBA. Ll.B. Dean, College of Business Management and Accountancy
Jeneath Ll. Bacason, Ed.D. Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, and Education
Engr. Javier R. Vicera, MBA Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture, and Fine Arts
Athena G. Masip, RN, MAN Dean, College of Health Sciences
Lilian Legson, MAED Principal, Basic Education Department
Cielo L. Alcera, LPT Asst. Principal, High School Department
Elisa L. Espadero, LPT Asst. Principal, Pre-school and Elementary Department
Leticia R. Roque, MBA Registrar, Office of the University Registrar
Karen M. Rosin, RL, MLIS Director, University Library and Information Services
Ma. Francia S. Dechavez, MAEd, RGC Director, Office of Guidance and Testing
Jesus A. Barizo, Ll.B., CSP Director, Office of Student Service
Religious Affairs Division
Rev. Fr. Felix C. Legaspi, III, O.P. Vice-President for Religious Affairs
Jude Vincent T. Bausa, LPT, MA Theo Director, Center for Religious Education
Rev. Fr. Ramiro De Belen, O.P. Director, Center for Campus Ministry and University Chaplain
Rev. Fr. Joseph R. Raquid, O.P. University Chaplain for Employees
Karen B. Lladones, RSW, MSSW Director, Center for Community Involvement
Administration and Finance Division
Rev. Fr. Edwin A. Lao, O.P., MM Vice-President for Administration and Finance
Rev. Fr. Felix C. Legaspi, III, O.P. Assistant to the Vice-President for Administration
Rev. Fr. Roman L. Santos, O.P. Assistant Vice-President, Administration, and Finance
Donna P. Bilo, CPA Controller, Office of University Controller
Vanessa Mae M. Llamoso, CPA Assistant Controller, Office of University Controller
Kristina D. Azaña, MBA Director, Office of Media, Alumni, and Public Affairs
Marytina Raquel R. Bonganay, MOS Director, Office of Planning and Development
Katherine T. Mendoza Director, Finance Resources Management Office
Marie Veronique D. Berdin, LPT Director, Center for Sport, Wellness, Culture, and the Arts
Millicent E. Villarroya, LPT Director, Educational Technology Center
Edherlyn A. Auditor, MSME Director, Physical Plant and Facilities Management Office
Cherrie Lou R. Lominario Director, Human Resources Management Office
Hospital Affairs Division
Rev. Fr. Roman L. Santos, O.P. Financial Director, UST-Legazpi Hospital
Rev. Fr. Edwin A. Lao, O.P. Assistant Financial Director
Rev. Fr. Gallardo A. Bombase, Jr. O.P., MBA Pastoral Director
Walter Randolph Jalgalado, M.D., MHA Vice-President for Hospital Affairs
Edberto R. General, M.D., FPCP, FPSEM Medical Director
Guia Anne T. Baustista Administrative Director
Office of the Rector and President
Carmela Mirandilla, M. Eng., ASEAN Eng. Asst. to the Director, Office of Research
Academic Affairs Division
Christine Grace E. Mapa, LPT Academic Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
Atty. May Dan S. Jalgalado, MA Ed Asst. to the Dean, College of Law
Roslin P. Adra, RN Health Coordinator, Office of Student Services
Arriane G. Letada, RCh Coordinator, Laboratories and Instrumentation Section
Office of Administration and Finance Division
Joy S. Abecia, LPT Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Administrator and Finance
Ma. Edendale B. Vergara Budget Officer, Office of University Controller
Analyn T. Artesano Administrative Officer-Cashier, FRMO
Rafael A. Chong Administrative Officer, FRMO-Supply and Property Section
Nardito A. Nuñez Purchaser, FRMO
Jim Mark N. Arienda Asst. Cashier, FRMO
Wilma A. Arienda Store and Dormitory Manager
Angelica R. Sajuela, LPT Assistant to the Director – Quality Management, OPD

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