University of Santo Thomas Legazpi is open to students with complete and valid credentials, and whose qualifications indicate satisfactory performance. A student seeking admission to the UST-L undergraduate programs is required to take the UST- Legazpi College Admission Test (U-CAT) as scheduled by the Office of Guidance and Testing.

The duly accomplished U-CAT form should be submitted to the Office of Guidance and Testing at least one day before the scheduled date of examination. The application form is available for download. Please see the DOWNLOADS Section below this page.

Transferees are advised to see the University Registrar for evaluation purposes. The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) offers post-tertiary courses such as Pre-Bar Review and Certificate in Professional Teaching. The University is also accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to accept international students.


Application Requirement for Admission Test

Admission test have corresponding requirement and testing fees, which are all indicate in the application forms.

Forms are available for download(please see the DOWNLOAD Section below this page.)


International Programs

Aquinas University of Legazpi welcomes all international students in our Cultural Exchange Program. In this page, you can find all the pertinent information regarding our Exchange Program including the requirements in availing the said program, accommodation, program cost, contents of the program, study schemes and a lot more. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in our University even if you are away from your home and own family.

With its good reputation in high quality education, Aquinas University of Legazpi welcomes foreign students each year. You will be qualified to be the school’s foreign student if you complete the following:

Please note that foreign students may enroll in Business Administration, Education, and Bachelor of Arts Programs only.


High School Admission

Aquinas University Integrated Schools (AQUI) consist of two curricula: the Science high School and the Special Program in the Arts. To be accepted in any of the curriculum, the student must have complete and valid credentials like the following:

AQUI Requirements

First Year (SHS)

Transfer Students

Returnee Students

Cross-enrollee Students


Tertiary Admission

High school graduates who have taken and passed the U-CAT may be admitted as freshmen at University of Santo Thomas Legazpi. Upon enrolment, every applicant must first present the following:

New Students (Undergraduate Courses)

Transfer Students (Undergraduate Courses)


College of Law Admission

Aquinas University of Legazpi is also helping the society in molding future lawyers that would uphold the proper implementation of the Philippine Constitution. If you wish to be included in the roster of brilliant Aquinas University of Legazpi College of Law students, here are the requirements you need to present:


Graduate School Admission

Students with Baccalaureate degrees but still wish to pursue their studies can enroll at Aquinas University Graduate School. Before this, take note of the requirements that one should accomplish to be qualified in taking the master or doctorate programs.




Professional School

The Professional School of Aquinas University of Legazpi serves as the resource for adults striving to enhance their personal and professional lives. Students who leave the classrooms are well-prepared for the next step in their careers. The Professional School offers different master’s and doctorate degree programs and broadly humanistic training in law, finance and industry, government and public service, ecclesiastical leadership and education, and nursing.

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